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ISO 24166 – DIN-Norm for Snap-on Bottles

Five years ago at a DIN meeting, the idea of standardizing glass bottles with rolled rim was born. This idea was particularly useful because the use of snap-on bottles for pump systems (e.g. for nasal application) was becoming increasingly popular. Together with the ISO committee TC76 WG2 we worked out first drafts, made arrangements and can now be proud of the results. The Working Draft of ISO 24166 is now finished, the Committee Draft (CD) was published this week in ISO committees worldwide.

Markus Finger, owner and managing director of PACKSYS GmbH, has accompanied the project as project manager from the beginning. “I would like to thank all ISO staff members who have accompanied and helped me in the creation of the new standard over the past five years. We expect that it will take about one more year until the standard will be finally published. It will bring a lot of clarity in the coordination between tubular glass, moulded glass and plastic bottles and the corresponding snap-on pumps. I am particularly proud of the fact that the new standard is not only limited to dimensions, but also includes the areas of packaging and processing”.

The new ISO 24166 standard is divided into three parts and covers tubular glass, moulded glass and plastic bottles:

1. snap-on vials for metering pumps – Part 1: Tubular Glass
2. snap-on bottles for metering pumps – Part 2: Moulded Glass
3. snap-on bottles for metering pumps – Part 3: Plastic Bottles

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