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Sampling of the Lotus is now possible!

We wanted to develop a dosage cap whose functions surpass everything that has been available up to now in terms of versatility. With the Lotus, we have succeeded in doing so. The Lotus closure has two methods of revealing evidence of tampering and allows liquids of different viscosities to be poured without dripping. After the production and optimization of the first prototypes, an official sampling of the Lotus is now possible. At the beginning of the year, the PACKSYS pourer was already able to convince the Pharmapack jury. Now our customers can see the development and its advantages for themselves.

New PACKSYS Innovations Box

At the same time as we were planning the sampling of the Lotus, we designed new sample boxes in the PACKSYS style. The boxes will be used in future to present our in-house developments even better.

In addition to the product sample, customers will receive a flyer with all the important information. For a better overall impression, we are sending the Lotus pourer together with a 200-ml glass syrup bottle. A sample of the closure is available in white or black for a simple fee. If you are interested, please contact moritz.strobl@packsys.de or your personal contact at PACKSYS.

The Lotus – A relief for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries

Situation on the market

With many commercially available pourers and pouring rings, we have found the problem that the liquid does not break off cleanly after pouring and therefore drops run down the cap and the bottle. Particularly in the case of sugary products, such as syrup or cough syrup, this causes the bottle mouth and closure to stick together after a while. This makes opening increasingly difficult, or the closure no longer fits optimally on the sticky neck finish and thus no longer seals. The drops of oils and other liquids can soften or completely peel off the bottle label.

The advantages of the Lotus

Since liquids are used in many different areas, we wanted to make our Lotus just as adaptable as possible. During development, all requirements were combined in an elegant design. The slightly curved pouring outlet of the Lotus ensures perfect pouring and immediate withdrawal of the liquid back into the bottle so that no unwanted drops are formed at the pouring edge. The flap on the closure not only allowed us to realize one-piece production, but also to create a one-handed application for the user.

The Lotus was designed for different target groups and a wide range of applications.

Pharmacologically compliant standard material and appropriate documentation enable its use in the pharmaceutical industry. The elegant design makes the Lotus an attractive cosmetic closure, so that body oils and bath additives will no longer leave oily rings on the edge of the washbasin.

Many high-quality food supplements are filled without preservatives. Again and again, improper storage and handling leads to contamination of the contents by the consumer. These impurities can trigger fermentation processes in the bottle, which lead to an increased internal pressure. We have optimized the Lotus closure so that it opens automatically when the internal pressure inside the bottle gets too high. It releases the pressure and thus prevents the bottle from bursting. Maximum safety in all areas is provided by the closure with the double method of revealing evidence of tampering – once on the bottle and once on the flap hinge. From an environmental point of view, evidence of tampering remains on the closure so that it can be recycled in one piece.

If you are interested in further information, samples or an offer:

E-mail to moritz.strobl@packsys.de or contact your direct contact person at PACKSYS.