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7 reasons to buy the Lotus now!

The Lotus is an in-house development by PACKSYS and is available ready for series production in black and white.

Seven reasons why you should switch to our Lotus closure now!

1. Not a drop too much

The unique neck geometry of the Lotus allows clean pouring of the contents from all directions without dripping! This means that you can even dispense drop by drop without the need for a drip insert.

2. Never again a sticky neck finish

The liquid tears off precisely at the drip edge of the Lotus. Liquid residues immediately flow back into the bottle. So no product residue runs down the cap, contaminating the neck finish or bottle. No one will complain about oil rings on the shelf or stuck caps anymore.

3. Two is better than one

The Lotus protects your product from manipulation with a double tamper-evident seal (on the flip hinge as well as on the cap).

4. All in one

The Lotus closure is a one-piece system. No further inserts are necessary. Due to the flip-top, the cap is directly connected to the rest of the system – so it cannot get lost. The cap can be easily screwed on during filling.

5. Always on the safe side

Due to impurities and fermentation processes, internal bottle pressure may rise from time to time. If the pressure rises too much, there is a risk that the bottle will burst. The Lotus, on the other hand, is designed to open by itself when the pressure is too high, allowing the gas to escape and the bottle to remain intact.

6. Quite resilient

The system seals in all relevant environments, be it handbag or airplane (tested at 500 mbar absolute pressure). Taking the Lotus with you when traveling: no problem.

7. One hand is enough to open it…

… in the other, users can already have measuring cups or spoons ready.

Lotus weiß auf Flasche

Besides, you can always use a free hand. For example, to surf our website.

More advantages and application examples on https://packsys.de/en/packsys-innovations-pourer-lotus/

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