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Dosing systems for tablets

Dosing systems for tablets are essential to ensure the safety and efficacy of drug therapies. They enable the precise and consistent delivery of the correct medication dosage. By using dosing systems, the risk of over- or under-dosing is minimized, leading to better disease control and a reduction in side effects. Additionally, they facilitate the correct intake of medications.

Tablet dispenser

Pharmaceutical tablet dispenser based on a standard pharmaceutical container

The tablet dispenser is a snap-on dosing cap for glass and plastic containers. A simple twist mechanism enables clean separation of tablets. The dosing cap serves both as a closure and an activation lock; users can dose the tablets into it and also take them directly. The integration of a desiccant capsule is optionally possible.

Tablettenspender weiß auf grauem Hintergrund


Top down application: Remove cap and rotate dosing element in one direction until the desired number of tablets has been dispensed. Take tablets and replace empty cup.

Manufacturing Advantages:

  • Tight system suitable for hygroscopic tablets (WVP test according to USP 671); additional desiccant possible despite dispensing system
  • Standard primary packaging with snap-on system ensures easy and efficient filling -> wide range of container sizes
  • Cleanroom production
  • Tamper-evident feature
  • Every tablet shape and size can be processed with the same filling system. No conversion necessary as with blister packaging.

Application Advantages:

  • Easy separation, even rapid removal of multiple tablets possible
  • Hygienic removal and administration via cup, no contact with palm, protection against contamination
  • Haptic signal through tablet falling and actuation disk snapping into place

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Tablet dispenser Smart Pocket

Single-dose dispensing of tablets

The goal for the Smart Pocket was to develop a tablet dosing system that completely seals against environmental influences such as oxygen and moisture, meets all pharmaceutical standards, and yet is easily implementable with few parts.


To dispense tablets, pull down on the drawer. A tablet falls into the dosing chamber, where it is collected and dispensed. To close, push the dispenser back together.

Optional features:

  • Child safety lock
  • Desiccant
Funktionsweise Smart Pocket


  • High tightness (water vapor & oxygen)
  • Direct intake of the tablet at the ejection
  • Monomaterial: Polypropylene
  • Production and assembly in ISO class 8 cleanroom
  • Easy adaptation to customer-specific tablet shape and container size

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Or contact your direct contact person at PACKSYS.